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Here at Boatim, the essence of our product innovation is to make boating more enjoyable for owners, first-time buyers, sellers, and all boat enthusiasts alike. Thus, as a marketplace, easing the process of buying a boat is a priority.

By observing and being part of the market, one major obstacle appeared: how can I be sure of the quality of the boat I'm investing in? A boat buyer's nightmare really is to discover past accidents and damages that can conduct costly repairs.

Common boat problems you will avoid by checking the history report

1- Cosmetic repairs after a collision or accident

Collisions often mean structural damage that will endanger the safety and lower the resale value of the boat. Cosmetic repairs will never recover deep damages on the engine or mechanism for instance.

2- U.S. Customs and IRS Seizure

Some boats are caught by the authorities due to illegal activities. Those kinds of seizures will follow your boat's history if you happen to buy it and impact consequently its resale value.

3- Hurricane or other environmental disasters

Unfortunately, oceans and seas are risky areas when it comes to natural disasters. A storm can damage a boat which will then be auctioned off to be restored and re-sold to buyers, with no mention of the incident. But keep in mind that these boats presumably spent significant time submerged under abrasive salted water.

4- Run aground

It is not uncommon that boats run aground due to a miscalculation of the water's depth by its captain. When this happens, it causes not only structural damages but can also violate laws and regulations of protected environments. It is then important to know that the new owner could be accountable for the previous owner's negligence, as these fines stick to the boat and not the individual.

With all that being said, we hope you understand the value of checking the History Report of the next boat. It not only a way for you to learn more about its actual condition, but also prevention for eventual costly repair or resale value. The reports are available for ALL boats located in the United States, don't miss it!

A trustful partner to give you access to your Boat History Report

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To provide you trustable and complete data, we collaborate with Boat History Report.

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