Best 5 Fishing Spots in the Florida Keys

Deep sea fishing boats in the marina of Marathon Key
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When going out for fishing-related adventures, the Florida Keys offers plenty of options for fishing spots and experiences. For fishing enthusiasts, fishing in the Florida Keys is a must. Thanks to its mesmerizing coral islands, beautiful shorelines, habitats for saltwater fish, and warm sunny weather, the Florida Keys is a top spot for fishing. 

Thousands of anglers go to The Keys every fishing season, and very few are disappointed with the game they can catch. From Key West to Key Largo, there are multiple fishing spots to choose from and each one of them has something different and exciting to offer.

Rental, bait and tackle store shop in Layton, Long KeyRental, bait and tackle store shop in Layton, Long Key, Florida

Overall, each location will accommodate different types of fishing interests. At every nautical mile of the Florida Keys, you can catch a different species of fish which speaks volumes for Florida Bay’s biodiversity. Below are some of the best spots for fishing in the Florida Keys.

Key Largo 

Key Largo is known to be a fishing extravaganza for fishers in Florida. With quick and easy access to the bay, it is home to a multitude of fishing options whether you want to boat further for deep-sea adventures or stay close to the shores for classic backcountry fishing. The diversity in terms of fishing species and habitats is truly second to none in the Florida Keys area, and Key Largo exposes this to you.

Many charters in the Florida Keys area will take you to the deep sea. It is, however, important to pick a captain who is familiar with the Keys territory. You must also be very careful of the weather reports before you sail forward. For offshore adventures, you do not have to take the same level of consideration.  

Charter boat customers and crew on boat in Key Largo, Florida KeysCharter boat customers and crew on boat in Key Largo, Florida Keys

Many fishers go to Key Largo and choose to stay in the shallow waters of Florida Bay as it offers the opportunity to get your hands on different types of fish. These include the likes of tuna, grouper, snapper, barracuda, and more. The charter services there are equipped with expert guides can teach you different reeling techniques that can help you catch a good number.


This is a spot that is excellent for sports fishermen, known as the “Sportfishing Capital of the World” for decades. It has been a destination that has hosted some of the best and most famous personalities in the US, from presidents to media celebrities. Fishing in this region is globally recognized because it offers a chance to fish big game such as sailfish and marlin.

The waters here are also home to the infamous King Fish, a most notable trophy that catches anglers’ attention from around the world. Redfish and trout, on the other hand, are fish species that you usually encounter when backcountry fishing in the Florida Bay.

Customized fishing boats at the Whale Harbor Marina in the beautiful Florida KeysCustomized fishing boats at the Whale Harbor Marina in the beautiful Florida Keys

Since Islamorada is so widely known, you find all kinds of charter services at your disposal.  There are even charters that allow you to hire a captain and crew for your personal use. There are half-day trips available, as well as party boats. At Islamorada, boaters get to experience outstanding views along with incredible opportunities to reel in exotic and native species such as barracuda, pinfish, and cobia.   

If you are looking to bridge fish at this location, you will need a license, tackle, rod, and bait.Fishing comes very easy here, so you can usually catch them using nothing but a bridge. When you are at Florida Bay, all you have to do is wait for charter captains to come back with the catch of the day, which typically happens around 4 pm. This will give you a sneak peek of what you can expect on your fishing trip. Captains and guides have websites on the web, so you can conduct research before you sign up for one. This location is also great if you want to indulge in fly fishing.


Marathon, Florida, is not short of any fishing experiences either. Near Marathon, a vast array of some of the best species such as amberjack, marlin, and tuna can be found. People appreciate the Marathon for having relatively calmer waters, even on windy days. Located 80 miles between the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico, you can have an incredibly enjoyable time there. Chartering a party boat in the Marathon is also a budget-friendly option for people that do not want to splash the cash.

Powerboat in Marathon, Florida

The Lower Keys 

The Lower Florida Keys is an undoubtedly remarkable fishing spot in the Florida Keys area. It also offers special shore-side fishing for nature lovers. If you want to immerse yourself in the Florida nature, then light tackle fishing and flats fishing at the Lower Keys will be a great option.

Family in fishing boat on very calm water where the ocean blends into the sky off Cudjoe Key, FloridaFamily in fishing boat on very calm water where the ocean blends into the sky off Cudjoe Key, Florida

Key West

When fishing in the Florida Keys, Key West fishing spots provide you with some of the most experienced fishing charters available. It is also a sublime location for near-shore fishing, with scenic serenities offering great pleasure. The best seasons for chartering in Key West are Spring and Summer. However, it is best that you book a charter early before the season starts because most of the captains are already booked due to increased demand.

Fishing boat in Key West marina, FloridaFishing boat in Key West marina, Florida Keys

Fishing in the Florida Keys offers memorable and eventful fishing experiences. The fishing spots in this region have soothing waters that inhabit plenty of different fish species. The sunny state of Florida is also known to host fishing expeditions throughout all seasons; even in the winters, the weather is pleasant enough for an amazing time on the water. Therefore, you are never too late to prepare a boating trip to the Florida Keys. What are you waiting for?

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