Boatim Releases Everything Boat & Better Boating Apps

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We are excited to have recently released the Everything Boat and Better Boating iOS apps now available on the App Store. By doing so, we have strengthened our commitment to invent tools in the recreational boating industry so boaters can access their own digital boating concierge, right from their fingertips.

Like our desktop marketplace version, the new Everything Boat app enables boaters to easily and intuitively buy, sell, and browse new and used boats in an extensive international database. They can use the app to find marinas and related everything-boat services and products through detailed search filters, discover charters and rentals around the world, and communicate with thousands of dealers and service providers. Now, the next boating adventure is just a few clicks away!

Everything Boat App by Boatim

The Everything Boat app makes the search for boats, charters, rentals, and related services easier

This app launch complements our previous app release, Better Boating, an app that crowdsources information and allows boaters to talk about the hottest new spots around the world. With Better Boating, boaters can map their favorite boating spots, add information to them, and track their time on the water. Exploring new destinations, boating activities, and even finding the best restaurants and beach clubs is now easier. Even more, boaters can discover nearby maintenance yards, support services, and retailers too.

Better Boating App by Boatim

The Better Boating helps boaters enhance the way they boat

With the Everything Boat and Better Boating app launches, each released within one month of each other, Boatim is two steps closer to becoming the definitive directory and international marketplace for the recreational boating industry. For the best time on the water, download the two apps today and become a part of our digitally conscious boat enthusiasts community!

 Everything Boat by Boatim Better Boating by Boatim

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