Boatim Story: We All Got Our Boat License in Barcelona

Boatim boat licence
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Because we all come from different backgrounds but now share a genuine passion for boats and its community spirit, the Boatim Team decided to take a step forward and get its boat license. Here is the story of our offsite day.

First of all, let's talk about this boat license. Since we are located in Barcelona, we got a Spanish boat license, taught in english with Escola Port Barcelona. Which one? The Navigation License also called Licencia De Navegación. This particular license allows to navigate on recreational boats up to 6 meters in length. Also, you'll be able to ride a jet ski without power limit. Two other conditions are also important to bear in mind: navigating is allowed up to 2 nautical miles from a port or beach and only during daytime.

Our team will soon release an article explaining the different boat licenses in Spain. Stay tuned!

First step: the theoretical training

Boating doesn't happen only on the water! To navigate safely and comfortably, a theoretical part is required and necessary. During two hours, you'll learn the basics of navigation, have the opportunity to talk with a professional and ask all the questions you have in mind. Cardinal marks, knots and boating equipments will have no secrets from you anymore.

BoatLicense_Boatim BoatLicense_Boatim-8

Second step: the practical training

Here comes the funniest part. Divided into two inflatable boats, we were more than ready to go on the water to apply what we just have learned and to experience a few hours of navigation in the bay of Barcelona.

Oh, and you thought Barcelona was always sunny and warm? Us too! But to prove us wrong, a strong wind and rain decided to join in on the festivities. But it wasn't enough to reduce the excitement and enthusiasm of the whole team. After a few instructions still moored in Port Olímpic, we took off and left the port to start the training on the open sea.


During four hours, we took the wheel of our inflatable boat and tried to tame the waves in turn. Needless to say that a simple raincoat wasn't enough to protect us from the water under those weather conditions.



Sea sickness—Here are some tips from our team

Inevitably, a rough sea brings sea sickness. Some of us, not to say many, started to feel frail and feeble. To help us fighting the sea sickness, our steersman and instructor gave us some advice. To feel better, you'll have to look at a stable and not moving point like the horizon, the coast or a lighthouse. If you are in a relatively bigger boat, a good advice is to stay in the middle of the boat. The gravity center is one of the most stable and least moving part of a boat.

💬Verena, from the Boatim Marketing team, also has a trick for you:

"For those of you also getting sick in the car, you know being behind the wheel can make a whole difference. Curiously, this trick also applies for the sea. Once captaining the boat, I felt so much better."



Here was the story of our team day offsite! Now back on the ground, we are more than even motivated to facilitate and improve your boating experience. Find your perfect boat on

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