Cannes Yachting Festival: TOP 5 Sailboats

TOP 5 Sailing boats
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The Yachting Festival's Sailing Area brings together the leading players in the sailing industry and the ultimate in terms of sailing boats and equipment in an amazing setting.

This year, more than 110 masts was lined up along these quays. Under the flags hoisted on guy wires flapping in the wind, visitors will be immersed in this unique and timeless atmosphere so many sailing enthusiasts look for.

Ocean explorer Catamaran 72 - Ocean Explorer

Ocean explorer Catamaran 72 OE72 - OCEAN QUALITY S

Stand: SAIL001

First sailboat on our list: the latest catamaran from Ocean Explorer, OE72. Offering innovative elements in the accommodation and deck arrangement, the vessel will allow you to cruise stylishly around the world or navigate comfortably at 25+ knots offshore. The boat has an overall length of 22m and a beam of 10.92m. With a fully customizable layout, the sailboat is designed to operate with only two crews to reduce operational expenses and weight from extra crew cabins, and to increase interior volume and simplicity for the owner.



Stand: SAIL013

Looking for adventure? The new IC36 Independent Catamaran is probably what you need. The vessel promises speed, safety, and independence—for an exceptional ride on the water. Presented in a world premiere at the Cannes Yachting Festival this year, you'll be able to see this 11-Meter boat afloat and admire its amazing round lines.

Windelo 50 - WINDELO

Windelo 50 - WINDELO

Stand: SAIL006

Next and last catamaran of our selection, the Windela 50 Adventure! Unveiled for the first time in the 2021 Cannes Yacht Festival edition, the Windela 50 Adventure is setting the standard for an ecologically friendly fast cruising catamaran. With 4 cabins (+skipper) smartly laid out in the floor plan, you will be able to go and explore the world with the Windela 50. The sailboat has a 15.24m length overall for a 7.92m beam.

Swan 58 - Nautor's swan


Stand: SAIL034 — QML085 — SAIL175 — JETEE176

Let's move on the Swan 58 monohull! The sailboat takes its inspiration in the Swan 48 deck layout, presenting some new features never seen on a swan of this size before. With this new boat, Nautors Swan wants to give the maximum comfort and liveability aboard—as well as a maximum efficiency for sailing, without compromising the speed.

Tripp 90 - YYACHTS

Tripp 90 - YYACHTS

Stand: SAIL030 - SAIL166

Last boat of the selection, the custom build carbon sailing boat Tripp 90 is the newest YYachts' launch. Coming from the drawing board of the US designer, the yacht is one of the largest sailing yachts ever built in Germany. Displayed to the public in Cannes this year, the 90-Foot Tripp will go on a transatlantic.


That is it for our TOP Sailboat displayed in Cannes this year! Join us in Instagram to follow us around the show. 

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