Dealer of the Week: Leopard Catamarans Brokerage

White catamaran navigating in Mexican waters
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We're thrilled to announce the arrival of a new broker to Boatim’s family: Leopard Catamarans Brokerage.

Born in the 1990s, with a strong reputation, Leopard Brokerage is the number one broker of used Leopard Catamarans worldwide with a large inventory of listings, they are true product experts.

Thanks to their international experience selling new and pre-owned vessel models, can  provide you assistance in finding, selecting, and purchasing other catamaran brands available around the world navigating all types of potential intricacies that can arise from used boat buying processes.

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The team can also help with related marketing services, sales and global support for you. Exceptional services that allow both boat buyers and boat sellers to reach instant peace of mind and tranquility throughout the buying or selling processes. 

Should you need the assistance of a trustworthy boat broker, doubt not: Leopard Catamarans Brokerage is the real deal. Check out their published listings of vessels on Boatim.

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