Dealer of the week: Mare Nostrum Yachts

Dealer Mare Nostrum Yachts on BOATIM
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We're happy to welcome Spanish dealership Mare NostrumYachts to BOATIM!

The dealership is based in Port Balís, just a stone throw away from the beautiful city of Barcelona.

With more than 20 years in the boat market, Mare Nostrum Yachts is your expert broker for new and used vessels, offering a diverse portfolio of sailing and motor boats and yachts for sale.

They are official dealers of the renown brands like Monterey Boats, Galeon Yacht, Wauquiez and Pacific Craft.

In order to ensure a smooth and simple boat buying process for their clients, Mare Nostrum Yachts will accompany you in every step of the buying process – from determining which kind of boat suits your needs, the arrangement of sea trials, price and contract negotiations, consulting financing solutions, realization of boat surveys to the final delivery of the boat. 

Thanks to their market experience and being a member of a consolidated network of brokers, they also can operate as your broker to sell your boat or yacht as fast as possible. From a free market analysis, to the advertisement of your boat on online platforms like BOATIM and free photo and video shoots, Mare Nostrum provide a very complete service portfolio for boat owners.

Looking for a trusted boat dealer to find your dream boat on the Mediterranean coast?

Don't look further–check out Mare Nostrum's listings on BOATIM!


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