Dealer of the Week: Marina Setúbal

Sea Ray SLX 400
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We are thrilled to announce our new partner, the Portuguese dealership, Marina Setúbal.

Located in the Portuguese city of Setúbal, Marina Setúbal offers boaters a wide range of used and new boats and serves as the exclusive distributor of Sea Ray brand in Portugal. It also sell boats from renowned brands such as Fairline, Jeanneau, and Greenline

Marina Setúbal's facilities are located by the water so that customers can find the services and products they need effortlessly.

It provides a variety of nautical services such as boat maintenance and repair, boat washing, painting, installation of boat accessories, components, equipment, boat management, water assistance (in the Sado Estuary area only), technical boat assistance, and others.

For the Portuguese dealership, digitalization is essential. Via its online platform EASYMOVE, customers can access a wide range of services: from management of vessels' documentation and bureaucratic support in the sale process or on a day-to-day basis, to the scheduling and monitoring of boat inspections (including vessel transport to any Portuguese location), this dealership does not faulter on its technical presence and assistance.

Moreover, with close partnership with SYSFINANCE, Marina Setúbal offers the best financial solutions for the purchase of a boat with personalized payment terms at the lowest rates in the market.

If you are Sea Ray brand lover or are simply looking for an experienced boat dealership in Portugal, Marina Setúbal is the right place to fulfil your needs.  

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