Discover the Arrow 460 Yacht, the Mercedes of the Seas

Arrow 460 GT yacht at the Palma Boat Show
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At the Palma International Boat Show 2022, held from April 28th to May 1st at the Moll Vell in Palma, Spain, we were able to observe many stunning boats, as well as follow up on the launch of the latest model of the Arrow 460 Granturismo Yacht. Presented at this year’s edition of the Show, the official “Mercedes-Benz Style” Arrow 460 GT is a luxury yacht that embodies the sporty elegance of Mercedes Benz automobiles, with an incredible emphasis on functionality and reliability.

Built at the renowned Baltic Yachts shipyard in Pietarsaari, Finland, a region famous for its 450-year of yacht building, the magnificent 46-foot (14-meter) vessel is a yacht powered by twin 880 hp Yanmar diesel engines. From the best methods, materials, and components in its class, from the most traditional wood details to the latest lamination technology, to the delight of true Mercedes-Benz lovers, the Mercedes of the Seas was born.

While covering the event, we had the chance to interview Massimo Chiodo, the Commercial Director of Silver Arrows Marine, the company that builds the ARROW 460 GT - this innovative luxury motor yacht whose distinctive purity of design captures the sporting elegance of Mercedes-Benz automobiles.

Massimo Chiodo (Commercial Director of Silver Arrows Marine)Massimo Chiodo (Commercial Director of Silver Arrows Marine)

Continue reading to find out more about this innovative, super-sleek dayboat coupled with Mercedes-Benz coupe-like elegance.

Why Were You Interested in Building a Boat With Elegant Lines and Minimalist Design?

“First of all, because we are talking about a Mercedes Benz styled product, designed in partnership with Mercedes-Benz and their designers, ultimately, Silver Arrows Marine is the Mercedes-Benz of the Seas. It has a lot of elements that resemble a Mercedes car on a totally different vehicle, a boat.”

Arrow 460 Yacht navigation

How Would You Describe Your Target Market?

Our market is a niche market since we will produce only a limited amount of Silver Arrows Marine units, available for a few lucky ones. It is not a product for everyone; on the contrary, it is a unique product. This yacht introduces a new navigation concept with features of a Mercedes-Benz product.” 

Interior design details of the Arrow 460 GT

Why Would a Boat Lover Buy a Silver Arrow?

“A boat lover would choose to buy a Silver Arrows Marine yacht if he is searching for a unique, exclusive, and top-notch quality product with which he would like to make a statement. This is a type of yacht that stands out, not only in terms of look and design, but also in its use and purpose. It is not comparable to other yachts available in the market. The answer as to why would a Mercedes car owner buy a Mercedes boat is obvious: he expects to find on his yacht the same Mercedes-Benz car features.”

Arrow 460 yacht Mercedes logo

Not Even With Lamborghini?

“Lamborghini is well-known for its sporty vehicles. It is very exclusive as well. Mercedes, however, is not that sporty. Even though it can be sportive, Mercedes’ main strength is the quality of its vehicles and its brand reputation worldwide. As Mercedes Benz slogan says - “The Best or Nothing”. 

What Feedback Have You Gathered at the Palma International Boat Show?

“Here, at the Palma International Boat Show, during the press conference, some guests named the Arrow 460 GT as the “Pergola of the Sea” since it offers real outdoor sensations and incredible views to the sea from the inside of the yacht. The Arrow 460 GT allows easily to transform the large cabin into a “pergola”, an all-over open sky area and fresh air, or convert the yacht into a very comfortable, large cabin inside with a cozy and intimate feeling, depending on the mood of the user.”

Arrow 460 GT at the Palma Boat ShowThe Arrow 460 GT being showcased at the Palma International Boat Show 2022

What Are Your Plans for the Future?

“We intend to expand the Arrow 460 yacht range to also include a Cabrio version using the same successful 46-foot yacht hull. In other words the same Arrow 460 - but open.”

Arrow 460 Cabrio yachtThe Arrow 460 Cabrio

Specifications of the Arrow 460 GT

Length overall: 14.17m – 46ft 6in

Length waterline: 13.98m – 45ft 10in

Beam: 3.97m – 13ft 3in

Draft (loaded, incl. propellers): 3in 0.98m – 3ft 1in

Fuel tank capacity: 910 litres – 200 US gallons

Water tank capacity: 285 litres – 62 US gallons B

Maximum number of passengers: 10


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