Dubai Boat Show Seen From the Eyes of a New Boat Brand

Boats and motor yachts moored on Dubai Marina
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After having recently interviewed Tomás Costa Lima (Faroboats) to learn more about this new Portuguese boat manufacturer operating in the electric boat segment, below is the second part of the interview.

Faro5 by Faroboats at the Dubai Boat Show 2022"Luxury can be green": Faroboats is warmly welcomed in Dubai

Have a peek at a Faroboats’ experience at this year’s edition of the Dubai Boat Show, one of the most prestigious boating events in the world, and discover how the boating industry is starting to take a much greener approach.

Why Did You Decide to Attend The Dubai Boat Show, Mostly Known for its Superyachts? 

"It was a strategic decision. At other superyacht-oriented boat shows like the Monaco Yacht Show and the Cannes Yachting Festival, we noticed that the public attending these shows was diverse and many people were searching for different solutions to their problems. For example, many lake house owners considered the Faro5 as the perfect solution to daily challenges. In the end, the particularities of our product made it a success at all these events and started to attract media attention.

In the Dubai Boat Show, we happened to have a great contact there who has been carrying out market research for us on dealership opportunities and, even though this event is mostly known for superyachts, there were many opportunities there. On the one hand, in Dubai, there are a lot of canals where electric boats can be the best solution since they generate less noise and pollution. On the other hand, superyacht owners could become a new target of our brand; they could be receptive to using our product as a tender/accessory for their big boats. For them, having one or more toys of this kind is almost like having a mini electric Ferrari onboard for their daily needs! (laughs)

Nowadays, many vessels look alike (most are made of fiber, and so on). With this in mind, we decided to rescue boats’ vintage identity, recreate it in an innovative boat model that vividly captures the Dolce Vita lifestyle of the 50s and 60s, and offer boat owners a singular experience with the sea. Thus, the Faro5 has design details that differentiate it from other boat models; besides its great materials and wood, it has a unique design; for example, its front seating is covered to preserve the design of the boat, but can be folded for extra seating as vintage car seatings. Product differentiation is more and more of a requisite of megayacht owners nowadays who wish to make their products special."

How Did the Dubai Boat Show Go?

"We were warmly welcomed in Dubai. Many people showed a huge interest in our innovative products (the Faro5 boat and the solar dock) and their feedback was also great. Fortunately, our stand was near the Iguana Boats stand. Iguana is an already established brand but with a similar story as ours. Even though we have a different approach (we are more focused on the environment, while they are known for sea innovation and technology), it was nice to have them as neighbors there. 

Faroboats showcasing their boat model Faro5 at the Dubai Boat Show 2022Faroboats showcasing their boat model Faro5 at the Dubai Boat Show 2022

At the show, we had the opportunity to showcase our products to different stakeholders around the world. From maritime touristic companies (charter companies and hotels), to dealerships, and private buyers."

Are There Any Particularities About the Dubai Boat Show Worth Mentioning?

"The Dubai Boat Show was the perfect event to attend since many visitors were interested in buying boats, especially if they liked what they saw. At other shows, there are usually more brands attending, making it more difficult for buyers to choose a product. As they need to think more about products, they usually don't carry out a purchase while visiting boat shows. Instead, they go through different stages; they see the product, try it, compare it to other brands' products, and only then do they purchase it. In the United Arab Emirates market, though, the buying process is remarkably impulsive.

It is well-known that water and air pollution are the most hazardous environmental issues in the United Arab Emirates. Still, we were surprised to find that, despite their luxurious lifestyle, people have become more aware of environmental issues: we could already see some electric cars, and in the future, hopefully, more electric boats on the water."

Has Dubai Changed Your Plans for the Future?

"The Dubai Boat Show only confirmed that people have an interest in our products. People are becoming increasingly more aware of their problems and are actively searching for solutions. Faroboats provides them with a solution to their problems through a very innovative product.

The Faro5 displayed at the Dubai Boat Show 2022The Faro5 is the first fully self-sustainable solution in leisure boating

Dubai is a very interesting market for us; nonetheless, we are also planning to attend the Cannes and Monaco boat shows again, and are considering other possibilities such as being present at the Venice Boat Show. Next year, we would like to showcase our products in the US, at boat shows like Miami or Fort Lauderdale. We have already established contacts with potential dealers there. Plus, some US regions could present new business opportunities (Lake Michigan is just an example).

We have also started carrying out sea trials in Portugal. Things are moving fast. The future looks promising. Let’s see what it holds for us." - Tomás Costa Lima

The Dubai International Boat Show is recognized as one of the most predominant boat shows in the Middle East, UAE, and GCC. Characterized by new, innovative technology and the hottest luxury yachts and superyachts, the Dubai International Boat Show is the place to go for those looking for the future's next water gadgets. At the show, Faroboats was able to showcase their greener, more environmentally-friendly approach to boating to all those searching for solutions to counteract the hazardous environmental problems in the United Arab Emirates.

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