Immerse yourself in the Boating Lifestyle—the reality of living on a boat

Immerse yourself in the Boating Lifestyle—the reality of living on a boat
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Haven't we all thought about it? Leave jobs, responsibilities, and routines behind and go live aboard a vessel, in the middle of the ocean. Enjoy every bit of freedom, breathe the fresh, go to sleep cradled by the waves. But is this the reality of leaving on a boat? Does it come with downsides, or is it pure heaven? 


For all of you who are wondering, we've pulled together, in this article, the fluctuating daily life aboard. Following the rhythm of daily routine, let's immerse ourselves in the reality of living aboard. 


A lot of uncontrollable factors 

First of all, let's have a little metaphor. Moving in a boat permanently is a bit like camping all year long. As you won't have a proper solid and relatable house to live in, you'll be at the mercy of Mother Nature. Hurricanes, heat waves, extreme cold, all of that can happen within a year. So if you are the kind of person who likes to keep control of things and feel vulnerable when something is not going as plan, consider working on this before taking the plunge. 


Cooking and eating

Depending on the boat you bought, you'll have, of course, a different experience. Nevertheless, one fact is that the food supply will not be easily reachable, especially if you're navigating. Fruits and vegetables can hardly be purchased every day. You'll then have to be more careful with what and when to buy, the expiration dates, etc. Also, storage space is often limited on a floating vessel, as well as the household appliances. If you were are an enthusiastic cook, you'll need to find tips and tricks to reproduce the same recipes aboard. 

But one thing that is unbeatable is the view you're going to be able to admire once your meal is ready. Eating facing the immensity of the ocean is something magical, and also impossible to get tired of. With some experience, you'll learn and adapt your cooking experience to fit this new way of living. 



Unless you've put aside enough money to live on the water without working, you'll soon realize that living aboard a vessel does not come without a cost. Although some people still think it is an inexpensive way of life, repairs, maintenance, and harbor fees can sometimes be very costly. 

If the boat is going to be your home office, two main aspects have to be taken into account: internet connexion can be unreliable and the working space very small. Although with a bit of organization and discipline, working in a small space is possible and sustainable. You should maybe consider investing in accessories that could help you, such as headphones, or desktop support. Regarding the internet, you'll find a couple of solutions in order to get internet aboard your vessel: using the marina's infrastructure, buying an offshore internet system, or doing a mobile hotspot (if your mobile still has a connexion). 



Falling asleep cradled by the waves is indeed an amazing feeling. The connexion with the ocean is an incredible feeling that most of the people leaving on the water cherish. But, because there has to be a but. The sleeping cycle in a boat can sometimes be different than what you've had in a traditional house. Closer to nature but under the constraint of natural elements, your nights will possibly be interrupted. The solution to that? Take some naps during the day! 



One aspect where living on a boat won't deceive you is the entertainment and fun you can have on a boat. Between snorkeling, fishing, swimming, or simply enjoying your time on an inflatable mattress, living on a boat gives you the opportunity to do all you've dreamt about when moving out of your traditional house. 

And when you're not in the water, your boat and the maintenance that comes with it will keep you busy. If you are staying at a marina, getting to know your neighbors and chatting about your lifestyle will be a rewarding and inspiring experience. 


So, are you ready to take the plunge? Now it's time to find the vessel of your dream to start this amazing adventure. ⚓️


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