(Re)Discover the joy and freedom of being on a boat—because it's much more than just a boat

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For this year's upcoming summer season, boating will be even more than the joy of being on the water. Now, it's your taste of freedom, your escape from it all, your respite from worry. Have you been daydreaming about it? Well go on then, indulge your Captain at heart.

Last year may have ushered in a new normal for us all, but boating offers an immediate and accessible solution for those desperate for fun and travel again. At Boatim, we've made your dream of being a captain achievable. With a large selection of boats and yachts available near you—you're just a few clicks away from freedom.


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First-time boat owner meet infinite exploration

"A new generation of captains are now getting immersed in the seafaring culture. Be part of it!" — Patrick Burkert, Chief Marketing Officer

Freedom, adventure, and Covid-safe play: isn't that what we're all looking for in 2021? Fortunately, this is already a reality on the water. You can take advantage of the ongoing boating boom through our new campaign and let Boatim support you in becoming a first-time boat owner. Thanks to a worldwide collaboration with dealerships, we offer a variety of boat types. 


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A new boat for new adventures

Synonymous with liberty, rich experiences, and connection, boating has everything we love. And for veteran boat owners, it's an exceptional time to sell and buy a new boat. Imagine your new start for 2021. On Boatim.com, you'll be able to sell and buy your dream boat fast—just in time for the upcoming summer season. From sailboats to motorboats and yachts, find your perfect vessel on our platform.


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In 2021, it's #MoreThanABoat! Join our community on social and share your favorite boat! What's your escape plan for 2021?