The ultimate guide to buying a fishing boat

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Welcome to the ultimate guide to buying a fishing boat! We’ve put together the key information you need to help you find and buy a fishing boat that’s right for you.

With the weather finally starting to warm up and summer just around the corner, it’s time to stop daydreaming and start the search for the perfect fishing boat. We already know that boating makes the perfect socially distanced outdoor activity. But add fishing into the mix, and you’ve got a competitive and sustainable outdoor sport to enjoy. At BOATIM, we put a premium on sustainability, and we encourage you also to read all about how to reduce your carbon footprint on the water.

So, whether you’re a first-time boat buyer or a seasoned boater, we’ve got you covered with our ultimate guide to help you buy a fishing boat. And, we’ve included where you can look to find the perfect fishing boat for sale. Let’s dive right in.

1. Evaluate your needs and wants

While we can all agree that fishing is a fun and relaxing activity, it’s clear that people enjoy fishing for different reasons. So, when you’re deciding on what kind of fishing boat to buy, be sure to think about the things your boat needs to have.

Answering these questions should give you a rough idea:

  • What kind of boats have you liked fishing from in the past and why?
  • Are you fishing for leisure or competitively?
  • Will you be taking long fishing trips? If so, will you need storage?
  • Do you prefer to fish in shallow or deep water? Saltwater or freshwater?
  • What size and capacity are you looking for in your livewells and baitwells?
  • Will your boating needs be the same in a few years as they are now? Will you need to give yourself room to grow?

Once you answer these questions, you can easily make a list of must-haves and nice-to-haves that will help inform your decision. While it’s great to plan for the future, keep in mind that you want to boat within your means and experience.

2. Do the research

Now that you have a list of features you’d like your fishing boat to have, it’s time to do the research. There are various kinds of fishing boats available to you. Here, we’ve broken down the most popular kinds to suit your needs.

Skiffs – Also known as flatboats. These boats only dip a few inches into the water, making them ideal for shallow waters, marshes and bogs. This kind of boat doesn’t have a ton of storage space if you’re looking to take extended trips.

Centre console – Offers many fishing options. They allow you to fish inshore, nearshore and offshore. Plus, you have increased control and visibility since you’re operating the boat from the centre.

Fish-and-ski – If one of your objectives is to spend more time with family this summer, a fish-and-ski boat may be an excellent option for you. These versatile boats offer many fishing capabilities, speed and a bit of storage space.

Bass boat – Fast and comfortable. Bass boats are a high-tech choice for freshwater fishers and are typically on the more expensive side.

Pontoon – Includes tons of space, so it’s ideal for family fun or a relaxing day on the water with a few friends. But, pontoons are not the easiest to maneuver and may be better suited to the more leisurely fisher.

Inflatable – Love fishing in rough waters? Then an inflatable boat is a great option. Although these are not the most family-friendly, they certainly are more budget-friendly.

Bay boats – Very versatile. Great in shallow water and are also suitable for deeper, choppier waters. They contain a fair amount of storage space, however, you can’t take them too far offshore.

As you can see, there are quite a few options when it comes to fishing boats. Let’s take a look at where to find the right one for you.

3. Look, compare and shop around

By this point, you likely know what kind of fishing boat will suit you best for the upcoming summer season and beyond.

It’s time to check out BOATIM – the world’s largest marketplace and next-generation platform that connects buyers and sellers of new and used boats and yachts. Visit our marketplace to find a fishing boat for sale that catches your eye today.

4. The final steps

We’re all about safety on the water. So that means you have a few more steps to complete before you boat off into the sunset with only your fishing rod in hand! Hang on tight—we’re almost there.

Inspect the boat

Before closing the deal on your new boat, you’ll want to ensure you have it properly inspected to help mitigate any potential issues down the line. An adequate boat inspection may also provide you with some leverage on price negotiations. Get an experienced boating friend to accompany you or have the boat inspected by a qualified mechanic.

Get a warranty

Be sure to explore warranties once you’ve found a boat you’d like to purchase. You’ll likely be able to acquire a warranty or an extended warranty as part of the deal.

Buy insurance

In many countries, boat insurance is mandatory, and you can’t hit the water without it. There are many different kinds of boat insurance, so you’ll need to evaluate what coverage works best for you and your unique situation.

Purchase the proper safety equipment

Safety should always be your number one priority. No matter how small your vessel, here are the most important things to bring along for a day on the water.

  • Life jackets (enough for everyone on board)
  • Throwable flotation devices
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Emergency repair kit
  • Visual and sound signalling devices
  • An anchor and rode
  • Food and water for the day
  • A knife
  • Extra lines
  • Your cell phone and chargers

5. Have fun on the water

This guide simply wouldn’t be complete without our order to have some fun on the water! Now that you know how to find and buy a fishing boat that’s right for you, you can make an informed decision and get out and enjoy the earth’s beautiful, sunny waters.

We can’t wait to see what you reel in.

Ready to dive into the world of boating and fishing? BOATIM is the perfect place to start. Take a look at BOATIM’s marketplace to buy and sell all kinds of watercrafts today.

Come on board, Captain!

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