VIDEO | Why you should bring your dealership online in 2021

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Hi, I'm Matthew Grady, Head of Sales, here at Boatim.

As an innovative marketplace, we understand that there is a need to connect potential buyers with brokers and dealers by more than just a boat listing. The way in which boats are viewed and marketed online is changing. And check out the video, or read on, to learn more about the opportunities that are available for you if you embrace this change.

Let's start with a simple—but pretty impressive number—320,000. This is the number of boats sold in the US in 2020. The annual sales of boats have reached $47 billion in 2020, an increase of nearly 10% from 2019. These figure is not exclusive to the US, similar growth in sales has been recorded in Europe, the UK and Asia. Clearly, in 2020, the boating industry was booming. And so far 2021 promises to surf on the same trend.

But since most dealerships were closed and social physical interactions not recommended, where and how were the Sales happening? Here is another number that will give you a clue. The Google search for "boat for sale" doubled in 2020. An estimated of half a million search per month in the US for "Boat for sale".

So what are your opportunities in this new era of maritime digitalization? Here are 5 main points:

  • Reach first-time buyers

    Frank Hugelmeyer, NMMA president, said that “For the first time in more than a decade, we saw an increase in first-time boat buyers".

    And because first-time buyers often have no previous relationship with a dealer, their easiest way to find their future boat is by exploring online and educating themselves before making the purchase.

    As a community-based marketplace, Boatim gives first-time buyers access to all the resources they need to have before they can take the plunge and be a boat owner.

  • Each listing is an entry point for potential buyers

    Having your listings online and correctly marketed, will be a game changer for your business.

    Let's assume you have 100 boats listed on Boatim, using our dynamic advertising tools, all of these will be accessible directly through a Google search—linking this to the 500 000 monthly search we've talked about.

    This represents a high number of potential buyers.

  • Engage with a wider audience

    By increasing your online communication, you will able to address more people at once. Conversations that you have traditionally offline on a 1-2-1 basis can be shared with amongst your digital community.

  • Build Trust

    One thing that is fundamental to any boat sale is trust.

    By being online and engaging with an audience you have control over how your business is viewed. Answering questions, sharing content and of course listing beautiful boats will help you gain the trust of a potential buyer.

    Having the control of your online reputation is fundamental for success for all businesses today.

  • Be cost-efficient

    Reducing the amount of money on paper advertisement and going online instead will save you money. Two simple reasons for that: you'll reach far more people, and you'll have a clear return on Investment at the end of your campaign. We'll dive into this topic more in a next video, stay tuned!


So, after all that, I hope you can see the true value in taking your business online. With Boatim, you will get a dedicated team of professionals who can guide you through the digitalization of your business.

If you'd like to found out more, please feel free to reach out! Set up a call with me and continue the discussion.

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